Bosch and Carrier together in new geothermal heat pump joint venture

“The Carrier team is excited by the opportunities this agreement will provide,” said Chris Nelson, president, residential and commercial systems, Carrier. This geothermal heat pump joint venture will bringing together the strengths of both companies, from Carrier’s rich legacy of innovation to Bosch’s well-equipped manufacturing plant in Fort Lauderdale.

Establishing a relationship between Carrier and Bosch will allow us to leverage our research and development resources and continue to deliver high quality manufactured geothermal heat pumps to our customers., said Richard Soper, The Bosch Thermotechnology Corp president.

Carrier and Bosch form a joint venture to develop and manufacture geothermal heat pumps for the North American residential and commercial segments. The moment is right With sales of geothermal heat pumps expected to nearly triple by 2020.