Geothermal heat pump installations over the world

Statistical Report on Canada's Geothermal Heat Pump Industry 2011
“The State of the Canadian Geothermal Heat Pump Industry 2011 - Industry Survey and Market Analysis” has been launched by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC)
United Kingdom
Go Geothermal Predicts Rise In PE100-RC Pipework Installations
PE100-RC has the same properties as PE100 in terms of temperature resistance and the requirement for welded connections but crucially it offers better mechanical properties with increased resistance to both stress cracking and point loads.
Orkney installs geothermal heat pumps for public buildings
It is believed to be the biggest geothermal project of its kind in Scotland. Geothermal heat pumps are being used at the new Kirkwall Grammar School, Stromness Primary school, Papdale Halls, and the new developments at the Pickaquoy Centre.