Geothermal heat pump drilling

The Geodrill 4R drill rig (patent pending) is compact and powerful. The system is mounted to a central drill chamber (depth = 1.2 metres, diameter = 1.0 metre). The drilling chamber is pre-positioned and remains in the ground providing a clean environment for maintenance needs.

The rotary ring connects the drill rig to the drill chamber so that the system can be rotated 360°. The angle of inclination is also adjustable, with a range between 35 to 65 degrees. Number, layout and position of the heat pipes are planned in advance.

In a second step heat pipes and thermal cement grout hoses are installed. To make sure that the heat pipes work properly, a pressure test is conducted. While the grout hoses are removed heat conductive thermal grouts secure the heat pipes from bottom to top in the borehole. This also prevents their thermal "short-circuits".

The operation of the system is user-friendly. A skilled and well trained geothermal drilling team is able to install heat pipes up to a length of approx. 100 m per day.